Within the UBT and the Cyber Security and Privacy Center (CSP), for the first time in the country, a Computer Emergency Response Team division was established, with the official name “UBT-CERT” (http://csp.ubt-uni.net/cert/).

This division is responsible for forming the team of cyber security experts who will be willing to face, treatment, analysis and issuing recommendations to incidents, cyber security cases for the academic, private and public. The mission and vision of “UBT-CERT” remains, with the commitment of all stakeholders, to participate and solve the challenges of cyber security.
Based on the document “Cyber Security Strategy for UBT-CERT” the services to be provided are defined through the following categories: Reactive Services; Proactive services; Security quality management.
The focus remains on the academic sector, offering UBT-CERT services to universities, research centers, public and international institutions.

CERT Division is lead and managed by Atdhe Buja, cyber security expert and certified as Ethical hacker. From the document “Cyber Security Strategy for UBT-CERT” emerge objectives that clearly define the scope and functions of “UBT-CERT”: Participation in incidents; Cyber security activities in the country and international; Creating a reliable mechanism for exchange of information; Strengthening the security level within CERT-UBT; Development of the incident reporting interface; Contributing and promoting citizen awareness on cyber security; Opportunity to develop practical skills for UBT students; Capacity building for incident response; International cooperation; Participation in research and development within the Cyber Security and Privacy Center (CSP); Mechanism of strategy evaluation and objectives.

The ongoing aim is and remains the accreditation of “UBT-CERT” in international organizations in the field of cyber security.

UBT officially with “CERT division”