15/11/2017 – UBT CERT member on international organizational for security “FIRST”.

07-09/11/2017 – UBT-CERT part of the UNDP/FIRST Technical Colloquium.

02/11/2017 – Official on Twitter, UBT-CERT is the Kosovo academic and first CERT.

12 – 14/10/2017 – 2nd edition of “Hack Day Kosova 2017” organized from UBT-CERT activity on the October month EU Cyber Security. The event was helde at UBT Kampus – Prishtina.

27/07/2017 – UBT-CERT Manager, Atdhe Buja & student Fatos Idrizi on DEFCON conference & training in USA.

20/06/2017 – UBT-CERT partner with Romania National CERT.

19/06/2017 – UBT-CERT Press Release for the creation of a technical group to prevent the spread of suicidal game “Blue Whale”.

16/06/2017 – UBT-CERT partner with Croatian National CERT.

16/06/2017 – Successful project of Internship for 4 months with students of Computer Science & Engineering was completed.

13/06/2017 – UBT-CERT Internship Web application Penetration Testing.

10/06/2017 – Professor Philip Polstra lecturer at the International Summer Academy of CSP 2017.

09/06/2017 – UBT-CERT & UBT organizes International Summer Academy for CSP 2017.

19/05/2017 – UBT was represented by the UBT-CERT manager in the Week of Science in Tirana.

15/05/2017 – UBT-CERT Manager, Atdhe Buja, part of the jury for the selection of conference papers “Technology that employs”, in Tirana.

05/05/2017 – UBT-CERT meets the ICTSmedia company.

28/04/2017 – UBT-CERT team participate in the national competition Albanian ICT Awards.

21/04/2017 – UBT-CERT meets the Sentry company.

06/04/2017 – UBT-CERT was presented Malware analysis tools which was developed from students of UBT.

05/04/2017 – UBT-CERT participate on the conference “The Leading Path to Innovation”, in Tirana.

21/03/2017 – UBT-CERT start the project of Internship for 4 months with students of Computer Science & Engineering.

14/03/2017 – UBT-CERT for the first time in the region open in operation Cyber Security Laborator.

28/02 – 01/03/2017 – UBT-CERT participate on the Cyber Security challenge with all region countries in the Czech Republic.

06/02/2017 – UBT-CERT and Rector of UBT visited National CERT Republic of Kosovo and agree on cooperation.

23/01/2017 – UBT-CERT was invited to participate on FIRST Regional Symposium 50th edition in Valencia Spain.

18/01/2017 – UBT-CERT and National CERT Republic of Macedonia sign Memorandum of Understanding on cyber-security.

14/12/2016 – UBT-CERT present acitivities in 2nd Conference Albanian Security Forum in Tirana.

20/11/2016 – UBT-CERT and Governmental CERT Republic of Moldova sign Memorandum of Understanding on cyber-security.

25-26/11/2016 –For the first time in Kosovo, UBT-CERT organizes activity of the year for cyber security “Hack Day Kosova 2016”. The event held at UBT Campus – Prishtina.

26-28/10/2016 – UBT-CERT partner in organization of the Hack Day Albania 2016 in Tirana.

06/10/2016 UBT-CERT ranks Republic of Kosovo in ENISA.

30/08/2016 – UBT-CERT ranks Republic of Kosovo in international cyber security protection. UBT-CERT is a part of the international organization “Trusted Introducer”.

30/08/2016 UBT-CERT introduces at UBT Summer of Code.

22/07/2016 – UBT-CERT and ALCIRT sign Memorandum of Understanding on cyber-security.

29/06/2016 – UBT official becomes with “CERT division” – In the UBT and the center for Cyber Security and Privacy (CSP), for the first time in the country Republic of Kosovo is created Computer Emergency Response Team division, with official name “UBT-CERT”.

16/01/2016 – The day when hacking is legal – The conference will take place at 18-19 of January 2016 in Pristina -Kosovo. It is hosted by Ministry of Economical Development. Supported by government and independent Authorities such Kosovo Police, Information Associate Agency, National Agency for Personal Data Protection, and Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications.

20/04/2015 – 21/04/2015 – 22/04/2015   Siguria e informacioneve dhe masat e sigurisë për organizatat dhe përpunuesit e të dhënave konform ligjit për mbrojtjen e të dhënave personale dhe aktit nënligjor rregullores “masat e sigurisë”.