For the first time in Kosovo, UBT-CERT organizes activity of the year for cyber security “Hack Day Kosova 2016”. The event held at UBT Campus – Prishtina, from 25 to 26 November.

16/01/2016 – The day when hacking is legal – The conference will take place at 18-19 of January 2016 in Pristina -Kosovo. It is hosted by Ministry of Economical Development. Supported by government and independent Authorities such Kosovo Police, Information Associate Agency, National Agency for Personal Data Protection, and Regulatory Authority of Electronic and Postal Communications.

20/04/2015 – 21/04/2015 – 22/04/2015   Siguria e informacioneve dhe masat e sigurisë për organizatat dhe përpunuesit e të dhënave konform ligjit për mbrojtjen e të dhënave personale dhe aktit nënligjor rregullores “masat e sigurisë”